Friday, 10 May 2013

Increase Downloading Speed of IDM by optimizer | ask4pc


Anonymous said...

n the answer is:

............."Sorry, but that link has been deleted." ...............

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

1st of all .. It will be better if u use any other id than anounymously commenting..
All links are working.. .. Links checked again ..plz.. Don't lie .
We will never have any expired link ..
Even if somebody find any dead link .. May comment..
It will be updated immidiately..

Cyberfang said...

Thanks bro.
thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

I love this site like seriously,
just a question, how does it increase idm's speed because I dont find any difference after I install it. Do I need to insert the proxy setting?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

No , You don't have to Insert the Proxy settings..
Main work of this Optimizer is..
this optimizes Registry and settings of IDM ..
So that IDM can have Maximum bandwidth while downloading a file.
But In some countries You may require to enter proxy settings.
So that it can tunnel the downloading file through speed proxy server..

Anonymous said...

what is the password?

Gagan Sarangal said...

Link is not working.It says the website/URL has been blocked.Pls help me i really want this software.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Link has been updated,
Sorry for the inconvenience..

Sivakiran Pamudurthi said...

what is the password to run IDM Optimizer V0.2.exe

Sivakiran Pamudurthi said...

Thank you very much. it was my fault. main mistake was not installing Microsoft.Net, As i downloaded that every thing was perfect and IDM optimized.sorry for posting asking for have already mentioned. Thank you very much. is there any software for speed up internet speed. please mention it. Once again THANKYOU

Vimal Pratap Singh said...

sir i want to download jriver media center with key plz help me ..

Tush Agrawal said...

Is there any software to download so that i can lock a computer using voice??

RyStation said...

Has been deleted dude. Can you reupload?.

Bokyo Agustin said...

how did u know.. its working ? and u have window 7 iso?

Glenn Mesel said...

The password is ask4pc: !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice information. Using this tips, Now i have better internet speed. And i had checked internet speed from the site It helps to check internet speed accurately.

Prayogi said...

hello , why the idm optimizer didn't work in my pc ?
it just worked in the first, but after i restart my computer is back again to normal speed :( , i try again to use the optimizer and restart again but didnt work
please help