Monday, 1 April 2013

Avast! Internet Security 8 Until 2050 | Ask4pc


Anonymous said...

Licence is not working expired

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@ANONYMOUS .. we will appreciate if you use any other ID than Anonymously comment..
now .. your problem is that are not following all steps.. please read post carefully..

1) you have to Run "Avast License ZeNiX.exe"
2) you have to Double Click "Ask4pc-License.avastlic"

I think you are just activating the license without 1st patching it..
comment further if u r having any problem.. :)

Muhammad Farooq said...

I have followed all steps with sequence including "Avast Licence ZeNiX" and after restarting double click on Licence which give message "Unable to insert the licence file.The licence has expired"

Muhammad Farooq said...

your reply is still awaiting

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Sorry Farooq for replying late.. :)
1) check that you are following step #3 above correctly.
(you have to disable avast self defence module.)

2) It may be possible that you have tried registering with any other license before so your avast! is creating some problems.
( Uninstall and reinstall again .. It should work as This is again tested today (14 April) by us on windows 7)

Please try and reply. .. It should work!! ;)

Ishank said...

Wil this hack work in avst antivirs pro plus? Or not?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

No ishaan ..
this trick will only work in avast internet security ..
and not in avast antivirus pro ..
And we will update with that also..soon.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Well Avast Internet Security is Best Edition .. of antivirus..
all features of Avast antivirus pro + Many more fetures = Avast! internet security ..
If you want Avast! Free Antivirus for more than 20 years
Visit This:

We will add avast! av pro soon in our list.. ;)

Abdul Hameed said...

Many thanks... Works perfect..

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...


Benjamin Toh said...

They are previewing it at a Windows XP computer so if you are a XP user follow the steps or if you are a Windows 7 user just miss out the "ask4pc-License.avastlic" after restart check your avast! and re-enable the avast! Self-Defense Module and u get the crack already

Benjamin Toh said...

Does this support Windows Vista

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Thanks Benjamin ..
We have tested this on Windows 7 & 8 also ..
But can't say about Vista ..
and .. . Yes . it will work even without avastic liscence..
and in XP also .. you may use any license .. even any expired one..
It will work .. :)

wahyu hadiwarsono said...

how about the setting soulth i cek again enable avast defense module after intalation sucses,,,,

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

don't know what you mean by soulth ..
and yeah.. .. there will be not at all any problem if you check again avast self defense module..(after successful installation)
you will never face any problem .. :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the upload of this software. I successfully installed and have the license upto 2050. However, after successful installation, i cannot connect to the internet again. Pls help me with this. I really want this antivirus for my laptop. I am using windows 8.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

1st of all .. We would appreciate if you use any other ID than anonymously commenting..

2) Click [ SETTINGS ] tab.
4) Delete all (one by one.)
5) Restart your laptop . and connect again ..
This should do your work..

Benjamin Toh said...

Hi, may I ask why I do on my XP laptop this works the second time but why now I help my dad do his XP laptop the licenses keep fail?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

I suggest You just Download .. avast unistaller .. from avast officiall site ..
and completely uninstall avast .. from that ..
Then try This method .. It should work :)

Fakhruddin said...

cant download the license..
can u provide another link for me??

Harsh said...

Contact on their facebook page.

Rajdeep Singh said...


Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

sorry didn't get you..
what kind of problem you are facing? :/

Anonymous said...

It worked! i have my avast 8 activated...Thank you very much!

Blessedgem said...

I just tried it with the latest version of Avast internet security but it isn't working. i guess Avast must have found a way to block this in the latest version of Avast internet security.
Thanks anyway for this tutorial.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

we don't think .. this is true ..
Anyways Today we will check it again.
and don't worry Even we find that they have blocked it.
ZeNiX-TeaM ask4pc will crack it again . :)

Anonymous said...

I followed the steps but when i clicked the license file it says its expired... Why?

Prince667 said...

Hey thanks @admn it works for me :)
Yooo!! Now i've till 2050....
Thanks a lot for this post!!!

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@anonymous.. plz.. rad carefully..
There is some problem with Your ZeNiX step ..
do it carefully..
i will suggest You to remove Avast Internet Security Completely From Avast Remover

Then Follow the steps carefully.. :)
And yaa.. When It says to reboot.. Do it.. It is a Important Step.

Simab said...

Greetings, I downloaded the program and did what was requested exactly as listed, despite that I get the error that the license file has expired, any assistance provided would be helpful.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@simab the tutorial is complete and.. step by step ..
we can't say in which step you are facing problem ..
still stay special attention on these steps..
**you must not have avast registered before..
**the date on your system must be correct..
**avast self defence module must be turned off..
if you are following all steps as mentioned in the tutorial..
you will definitely make it.. ;)
all we can say is best of luck..!!
and yaa.. if this is not working for you try our Avast free antivirus for 20 years liscence ..
link : Avast! Free Antivirus With Liscence more than 20 years

John Bryan Barbosa said...

is it still working as of today May 28, 2013? when my friend tried it, it says License Expired.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@john ..
This is still working perfect ,
again checked and confirmed by our team on windows 7 , xp and windows 8
on 29 May , 2013.

please .. read the post carefully..

Arun B said...

i have followed every step and got license upto 2050.Everything is ok but why we are using ZeNiX.exe.... please don't mind ... do we get any security issue? i saw some chinese language while installing ZeNiX.exe..... is it safe?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Arun B
yes it is completely safe.. The real trick behind this is replacing some .dll files.. And changing a bit registry.
the ZeNiX.exe is just to simplify that step .
So that you don't have to remember anything.
And don't hesitate.. It is completely safe..
ZeNiX actually made this crack for chienese version.
Don't worry next time we will make it in english language.

sai teja said...

password not working

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Sai teja ..
Please read the tutorial carefully..
every step is compelete with correct passwords.
even then if you are having any problem.. mention it here..
In which step you are facing problem.
Wich password is not working for you .. we will guide you .

sai teja said...

it worked, but i have another problem here, i can not turn on my firewall please help!

Agha Kun said...

Thanks it's Work :)

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Sai teja
This Problem "Firewall Problem"
occurs when your previous antivirus or firewall protection left files in your pc..
Please don't install more than 1 antivirus at the same time..
just remove any other antivirus..
or firewall Application.
and install This again..
Your problem will be solved..

Simab said...

Greetings, finally got it to work! But, I would like to point out that both Zenix License and crack had to be used (with self-defense module disabled) in safe mode for the activation to work effectively, and prior registration is what prevented it the first time. Thank you guys!!! You guys rock! :D

Anonymous said...

is it compulsory to download the update file? will the anti virus work till 2050 even if we don't update it.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@ Anonymous
1st of all .. We would appreciate if you use any other ID than anonymously commenting..

Your answer:-
No , it's not compulsory to download update file.. and antivirus will still work till 2050 ..
But .. You should download updates.. atleast once in a month ..
Beacause.. daily many new virus , malwares etc are created..

Updating the Antivirus Means.. making your antivirus upto date with new threats..
If you don't update your antivirus will only detect the older viruses .. as it may not identify new viruses..

Debasish said...

Dear ADMIN I want to remove AVAST PRO completely from my laptop.
Previously 1 month before when I uninstalled "AVAST PRO" from control panel and trying to install "AVAST INTERNET SECURITY" it showed the message that already I have used the TRIAL Period(Can't install it).
So please guide me how to uninstall AVAST PRO, then I want to install "AVAST INTERNET SECURITY".

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Debasish ..
You can use Avast uninstaller ehich 1) is provided on there official site..
Click This >>> <<<
Even If this can't help You..Then.
2) Try to delete the folder C:\Program Files\AVAST Software
Still problem..
3) Then use Some unistallers like Revo unistaller etc..
(we will soon adding it to our blog.)

Annie Enma said...

Thank you!! It works perfectly! And thanks to Benjamin Toh too cos mine is Windows 7 :D

Annie Enma said...

Hi there! After some days using it, it is still active but it pops out the message that said the license is pirated/stolen. Although it is still functioning, will it be okay if I just ignore the message? Please help!

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Due to our blog getting viral and files are easily available to download.
Finally Avast! got our crack.
by the way , it will still work untill a newer version of UI of Avast comes..
they will definitely fix this patch in their future version.
but don't worry, Even after that.
our TeaM have experts who will get something for that .
For Now.. just ignore the message.
It would be better, if you turn off automatic updates,
and download the offline updates manually from the link given above in "Suggestion" Section. once a month.

Annie Enma said...

Hi there! I saw the avast free antivirus latest version with serial key. Do I need to key in the serial key for this case?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Annie .. no it will never work ..
as.. both of these have different types of Input screen of serial keys..
In Avast! internet security , you have to fill some more details.

Zeko said...

My Avast says: you have illegal stolen licence!
You do not have maximum protection!

Zidan said...

It is not working my friend ,I dis exactly as you showed and it keeps telling me "unable to insert the license file.The license has expired"

Anonymous said...

this 100% work,,,thanks mr

Angel Manforest said...


Derick Brown said...

thanks guys,i followed your steps systematically and now my avast will expire in!!!......these are easy steps,it doesn't take more than 15mins to complete.....just follow the steps and you are don!!.....u guys rock!!!

Vukan said...


Anonymous said...

thnx man...

Diana said...

i have install as instucted but still it indicate licence expired.i even reinstall it but no result :(. could you please help.....

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

you are missing ZeNiX part..

** Turn off self defence module..
** Install ZeNiX setup..
** Reboot system...
** double click. License file...

if you are following correctly.
You will definitely get it registered..

Anonymous said...

i had not used ur site (since i am using avast free comodo firewall +malwarebytes)but i m really happy that you are taking soo much effort to help each and every1. very rare quality buddy keep it up..... thx on behalf of all.... but i still have a doubt since v cnt update virus engine wat the use? latest threats will b on our doors ..... (in case u like to answer at my mail.... to other plz if u use this say thanks atleast.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...


You can update it without any problem..
it will still be registered .. without any problem..

You can even turn on automatic updates..

Ali Ahmad said...

thanks admin its working perfect!
plz upload the license file of avast secureline (secure VPN).

Anonymous said...

hello admin i want to download avast license file but it is not downloading. It asks enter the code when i enter the code,then wrong captcha apears,plz help me either by sending me direct download link or any other way.,waiting...,

Anonymous said...

To get rid of the annoying popup that you have pirated software, untick at Settings > Community the Participate in the avast Community option. You can also turn off Popups at Settings > Popups, though I don't think that works. Play with the options a little and no more pirated copy popup ;)

Shailesh Varma said...

thanks for all of this it works for me........

can i remove avast license zenix.exe after successful installation. becoz after scanning with avast it shows error.

Anonymous said...

To stop annoying popup: avast > top right corner > settings > Updates > Details > uncheck "Show notification box after automatic update"


i cannot download the file given
it is saying
Downloads are disabled for your user type"
plz help me :(

Anonymous said...

yeaj its working........................


Please Admn give me the the link of Ask4pc-License.avastlic, when i click at skip it get back to

Plz Plz can you help? even at my email

Kush said...

I have my avast internet security up to 2050 but it did not work on avast secured line VPN

Anonymous said...

Everything works but my avast says it's illegal.
How to fix that?

Thank you ;)

Gagan said...

hey hi...........thanks dear...
the only problem is secured line VPN is not wrking n aftr few days it start showng illegal licence...
Can u solve dis??????

Anonymous said...

the license of avast internet security in expired so what i should do can you help me

Anonymous said...

the license file of avast internet security is expired

Muhammad Ajmal said...

when i install the license file or avast internet security when it reaches half complete then it gives an error

Muhammad Ajmal said...

when i install the license file of avast internet security it gives an error

Solomon Paul said...

Hello! I tried to open avast license zenix but it tells me i need a password to open it,could you help me?


Ada Nocturna said...

Tried with ZeNiX and it still tells me that the licence is expired!

Anonymous said...

Hello sory for use anonymous..
my name is rahar from INA..
i just install and a few a month there a notification from avast.. the license is illegal.. there is a problem? or there a risk for my IP/my notebook? i hope you reply this message.. thank's

Abdullahi said...

thanks admin for the good work. i was able to download the avast internet security to 2050. but i was unable to download internet download manager and pc optimizer

Rishi Vijay said...

can i use both Avast AntiVirus and internet security...?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

all files are uploaded on same site..
you must not have any trouble.
what kind of problem you are having in downloading?
please tell, it will help us to make this blog better.

@Rishi Vijay,
No you can't , and you don't need to have both.
avast internet security has all features of avast free+ avast pro .
and in addition with their features,
it has some more features which makes this perfect antivirus.

Atanaska Mitovska said...

file with License.rar is not found

Ron Catangui said...

I've followed the instructions correctly. after rebooting my pc for installing the avast license zenix, i double-clicked the "Ask4pc-License.avastl" both files were on the same location.. on my desktop..
but the message box said that "unable to insert the license file. the system cannot find the file specified". please help! thanks. i'm hoping for your immediate response. thanks a lot.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Turn off your antivirus,
and run the patch "as administrator".
It will solve your problem.

Komo Ade said...

secureline VPN licence key pls

Anonymous said...

thank u.may i know will update of virus definition work after this trick ?

Edward Emochovwe said...

Damn guys!!!!I really really love your work...I followed your steps and it worked really well for me..As far as pc goes,your site is the best ever..thanks again...
Ps:How can I become a member?Eddy

Edward Emochovwe said...

I also have a request..I've been trying to download windows8 ultimate 32bit but for days now I've been unable to..please can anybody send it to my email, Please...I'll be very grateful

Raja said...

Hi previously had installed avast free antivirus and now uninstalled and installed avast internet security and followed all the steps listed above but when i try to double click "Ask4pc= license avastlic: am getting an error unable to run license file and it is banned. can you please help me to install avast

Manjeet Sandhu said...

Really great job guys after few tricks it is still woking on Windows7 but it will display pirate copy of license but i don't care as long it is working. Keep it up guys.

Jaycel Custodio said...

the password is not ZeNiX i typed it repeatedly but didn't work,help please

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Jaycel ,
Read the post carefully.
You will get your answer.
password for rar archive is avast_ask4pc
password for installer is ZeNiX

alamin nirob said...

hey buddy , firstly I would like to
(thanks)^unlimited for giving us a great blog where we can find a lot of magnificent software which are very useful for us . Most of software's I would have to get and those are perfectly working .this software also working as well as . But sometimes it show "The license key you are using for your antivirus software was not provided by AVAST Software.
It was pirated/stolen."
Will it harm my laptop .
Please kindly, let me know of its effect as soon as your possible.

Iris Ausems said...

Zenix file will not unpack nor run. The license key unpacks, as wel as the add-thingy, but even after typing in the right password nothing happens after trying to unpack it. Anyone idea what's going on? I've got a 64-bit windows 8 computer, don't know if that's any help.

zeeshan khan said...

great bro its working

Gautam Pandita said...

Totally Working!!!
I install all types of cracks and patches only form ur website!!
I have currently installed- Win8 Genuine Patch, Internet Download Manager Patch and this avast patch!!!
I'm one of your BIGGEST fans!!!!!!!!

Trickology said...

Fantastic..!!! WOrks just a ROCK...!!!!!!!! THX MAN...!!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZiMoN said...

Hi all, i've tried in 14-10-2013 and it works perfectly with avast 8.

Now there is an updated "avast 9".
For me, apparently don't work this crack with the last "avast internet security 9".

Is there someone how has tried if works with avast internet security 9.0.1500?

srikanth v said...

i have also tried but its not working.after t gets updated it is not opening only some ui error is happening.

Imann Cuapiaco said...

License is working for me atleast 2 months but when i updated it to 9.0.1500 there is always an "avastui.exe - Application Error" opening in my screen, i hope this gets fixed fast thanks

Baba Servers said...

hello bro send me license file at very soon im trying to install zenix bt it show access denied...and manually i had also tried is show the same access denied.
so plz send me license file at
thank you
waiting for ur reply

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Don't update the software engine .. to 9.xx.xx
you should only update the virus database.
we are making crack for avast 9 also but it may take some time..
if you have updated your software engine.
unistall it completely using REVO
and download the setup of avast 8 from above link.

Imann Cuapiaco said...

Okay thanks for the info, you are a big help :)

IT-Cyber4rtCirebon said...

if for avast pro version supports not

Maxwell Adu-Danso said...

i cant unrar.. when i type the pasword i get a diagnostic message from winrar.. whats the password for unrar

asyraf donny said...

It's still work man thank, n more tip if zenix licence detect avast virus u can use TYPE *.exe to allows setting and succes dellete.

maisarah said...

i don't know how to unzip the ask4pc-license.rar.exe . i tried many time but i don't get the 2 files . can u show me how to unzip ? why i get rar.exe instead of rar ? somebody please help !

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

You are downloading incorrectly.
For downloading from tusfiles,
1st uncheck the box which says Download with tusfiles accelarator.
and then click on the small green button (which is inside a box.)

Please see How to download

Anurag Sharma said...

The program automatically updates to latest version even though it is set to manual update only. After this it asks for restart and after restarting Avast stops working. Then I have to reinstall it. Already installed it 3 times. I first installed it in August and till last month it was working fine. But now this shit is happening. Please help.

john carlo Cudiamat said...

can you work for it?