Thursday, 1 August 2013

Avira Internet Security 2013 + [license till 2015] | Ask4pc

Download Avira Internet Security 2013 13.0 + [license until 2015] | Ask4pc

A Brief Introduction:

Avira Internet Security
  is reliably protects you against all threats from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, adware, spyware, bots and dangerous drive by downloads. Best detection rates and top class security with several updates every day.

Staying safe online isn’t merely about shielding your PC. It’s about being in control of your security and privacy, no matter how, when and where you connect. That’s why the new version of Avira is designed to revolve around you, protecting your PC, your smartphone and your web privacy. Extend security to every facet of your online life. Enhancements in Version 2013 include:

This license by TeaM ask4pc will activated avira inernet security for 15 september 2015.


Key Features

Browser Tracking Blocker   new

 Stops over 600 companies from recording your web activities Protection Cloud

Real-time malware classification and extremely fast system scanning Website Safety Advisor  new

Security ratings in your search results—know before you go! Advanced AntiPhishing   new
Proactive protection from the craftiest email scams
Security for Android

Lost phone recovery, privacy protection and call/SMS blocking

Social Network Protection

Intelligent parental controls for Facebook and other social sites

More Features...

    • Real-Time Protection:
      Monitors nonstop for viruses, worms, Trojans and more

    • ProActive:
      Halts undiscovered threats by tracking their behavior
    • AntiAd/Spyware:
      Shuts out online spies and annoying adware
    • newProtection Cloud:
      Ultrafast scanning and immediate online identification of new malware
    • newNetwork Drives:
      Malware scanning for shared folders
    • AHeAD Technology:
      Inspects unfamiliar code for suspicious signs
    • AntiBot:
      Blocks hackers’ attempts to take over your computer
    • Backup System:
      Safeguards your data in case of an accident, hardware failure or theft
    • Rootkit Protection:
      Traps hidden malware that conventional antivirus doesn’t find.

Price: 62.96 USD for 2 years from Official site


1. Download    "Avira_InternetSecurity_13.0(ask4pc).exe"(internet security setup) (size : 105 Mb) from the given Button :-

Download Now
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

2. Download    "AviraLicense(ask4pc).rar" (size : 1.05 Mb)   from the given Button :-
Download Now
((please wait 5 seconds and press
[skip ►]))

3. Extract  "AviraLicense(ask4pc).rar" 
   Unzip it by winrar : IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT, DOWNLOAD IT FROM [ here ]

 PASSWORD for this archieve is  :   ask4pc  

4. You Now Have Files:-

  1. Avira_InternetSecurity_13.0(ask4pc).exe
  2. avira-license-ask4pc.key
  3. Ask Me.txt

How To Install

1) Install  "Avira_InternetSecurity_13.0(ask4pc).exe"

avira internet security

2) It will  show this dialog.

avira ask4pc

3) Click
"I already have a license file"  browse for  "avira-license-ask4pc.key"

     Press  OK

avira internet security
4)  Let it install    
       Click  Finish.  ..

This license by TeaM ask4pc will activated avira inernet security for 15-9-2015.

Enjoy  ..!!!

** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**


marikan said...

why my license change from to 2015 to 'your evaluation licence is activated 17.10.2013'? any suggestion how to change it back to 2015?

Mohan Kumar said...

i cant download licence key file can you send to my mail , id -

Mohan Kumar said...

@markin,,,,, please send me that avira liecense key i cant download that , my mai id -

Adi Shonu said...

avira key doesn't download with thiz link, plz change download link for key.


the license key download link doesnt work...please check it.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@all ..
download links are regularly checked and updated if necessary ..
Please check How to download tab above ..

DeeJay Subham said...

Mo Bando Mo Pelo Linke The ha Mader

Gadgets Crib said...

Can I have the x64 version of this software please?

raj brJ said...

sir the avira license cant download there no web page it shows empty page but i downloaded avira internetsecurity