Saturday, 16 November 2013

Download MixCraft 6.1 Build 217 with Key + Patch | Ask4pc


Panos Raf said...

i dont like to be a spammer guys but again i m gettin the error "Download the latest version etc"..
I deleted every folder with the same name,i unistall the program and i installed with internet turned off..
I ve tried to instal it,both ways (username/serial or running keygen)
but it's showin me the same
What am i doin wrong?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

can you please give a screenshot for that message. as this is working perfectly.
please post your screenshot on ask4pc facebook page.

Pete JO said...

Hi, I have the same error as the user above. Once installed, this does not work because an error message saying "there is a problem with your software installation. Please download the latest version from Thank you for your support" appears. I have tried both keygens and the crack. I have had versions of Mixcraft installed previously. Is there a specific way to install the crack? e.g. when the program is open.

Also, once I have clicked to acknowledge the error message from Mixcraft my firewall blocks WerFault.exe, which I think is a Windows tool to report software problems. And, a second window is generated but by the system and not Mixcraft. It is an Application Error message and reads:

The exception Breakpoint
A breakpoint has been reached.
(0x80000003) occured in the application at location 0x00480b83.

Click on OK to terminate the program.

When I click OK mixcraft closes down. So, do you have any solution please? Could I need to change something in the registry perhaps from previous installs?

Hope you have a solution. Thanks.

JeserNoob said...

Hello guys! I am getting the same result and it's killing me because this is the only working way that i can actually mix down to an mp3. The error message quickly interrupts your play intent or record as well. It then opens a window giving you the option to save the work you're doing and then closes the program entirely. I've been having to switch from the trial/demo version in order to record and revert back to this version to mix it to an mp3 format. It would be sucha time saver if you guys helped fix this problem. Thanks for your work.

GrooveBeatz said...

Im getting exactly the same error. Before the program was working perfectly but today I was getting this error and I can't do nothing now. Please let me know if someone got a solution for this.