Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ms Office 2007 (Ultimate) compressed 1.4 mb | ask4pc


Anonymous said...

thanks for the office, but i followed the instructions and got this setup error message: C:\Users\Documents\Folder\Setup.WW\OSETUP.DLL digital signature does not validate or is not present

I'd really appreciate it if you'd respond asap

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

1st of all we can help you better if you use any other ID than anonymously commenting..
you might have a dll problem..
follow this..
1. download this file size 1.94 mb

2. Extract it.

3. copy this "osetup.dll" to the folder "Setup.ww\" in the extracted directory..
(copy and replace..)

4. then install the setup ..

please comment if you are having any kind of problem Further.

Anonymous said...

I extracted (2 hrs) kgb file and replaced osetup file as instructed but when i run setup, it gives error Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working. If i click view problem details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: setup.exe_Microsoft Office System 2005
Application Version: 12.0.3111.1010
Application Timestamp: 42f42a62
Fault Module Name: OSETUP.DLL
Fault Module Version: 12.0.4518.1014
Fault Module Timestamp: 454176a8
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00176fa5
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: cb5a
Additional Information 2: cb5adf8f5bac4bc39db6c83fb76b8021
Additional Information 3: c437
Additional Information 4: c43723a71e51f16b3dea07e4cb0ba437

Please help me

Ghost said...

i forgot to add that i use windows 7 64 bit. intel core i5.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Hello Ghost ,

Now You are Having another Problem ,

Try this ,
the fix is:

1. Open Registry (for that>> a)goto Run . b) Type 'regedit' )

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\Disabled Sessions

3. Rename key 'MachineThrottling' to '_MachineThrottling'

This will do it..!

Ghost said...

Dear Admin,
There is no "Machine Throttling" key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\Disabled Sessions
It is completely empty
Should i create it?
thanks for prompt reply anyway. Your service is really good

Ghost said...

This is link the screenshot from my windows 8 64 bit. it is not working on that either. It is same in windows 7:

This is the error after opening Setup.WW/setup.exe :

Thanks in advance.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Thanks for giving detailed.. Explanation of your problem..
We will reply you back within 24 hours..
After again checking and confirming all steps..
Thanks for your patience .. And sorry for inconvenience..

yashika said...

Thanks for office but even if I copy and replace "osetup.dll" to the folder "Setup.ww\" ,still it shows following error message:

..\Setup.WW\OSETUP.DLL digital signature does not validate or is not present

Rizky Imam said...

i have a same problem with @yashika, how to fix it..? I download file osetup.dll in your coment, and can't fix that problem :( 12hours iam extracting this archives. Sory with my bad engglish

nehal said...

hey, i have another problem .i t is saying that it is not founding "setup controller.dll"

Anil Kumar said...

hello dear i have a problem when i am installing KGB Archiver 2 in my pc in window 7 a dialog is open that is "there is a problem with the window installer package A Program required for this install to complete could not be run contact your support personnel or package vender

Kishan Buldan said...

Mother of God. It's hard to swallow.