Saturday, 6 April 2013

PhotoInstrument 6.2 latest + serial key | Ask4pc


Akash Sarkar said...

Thank You

Ahmad Faraz Khichi said...

in read-me file,,,,,,there is no regestraion key and email adress....plz send me
or facebook (ahmad faraz khichi )
plz hurry

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

You don't Need any serial key .. just install full setup..
it will automatically make it full version ..
remember if you have any earlier version of photoinstruement.
Then install and follow this complete setup..

sora aoi said...

when i instal this software, avast internet security 8.0.1489 report the file as a virus. so i can't run this software. after that i turn off avast shield control and instal again, the program working perfect..but i turn on avast again, the program still detect as virus..what can i do?

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Sorry @sora aoi You had trouble..
and yaa avast's latest update is showing this file as malware..
But this is 100% secure..(no other AV is detecting this as virus..)
we have send avast! about this query .. They will fix this in their future update..
Now what you have to do ..:
1) Open Avast and go to Settings (in top-right corner.)

2) Goto Global Exclusion

3) Under File Paths add this :
*\Ask4pc Photoinstrument\*

(copy whole line including *)

4) Click Ok and install it again it will not show any error.. ;)

Screen Shot :

sora aoi said...

thank you very much..its working perfect..

sora aoi said...

ohya brother..
can you upload software like MACHETESOFT MACHETE v.4 full with key?
I really appreciated..thanks

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@sora aoi ..
To request any software please leave a message @ our facebook page.
check for the tab "Request a Software" , above , left side.

sora aoi said...

Mr Admin..
I do what you say,please check..with my other account (as Faye Oring)..thanks

Harrie singh said...

i didn't got rar file.,., its only the installer.,., :(
wt should i do,., ??????

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

You have not got rar file??
please.. Note that.: after clicking download button.
You have to click skip ad
don't click any other place. Just skip ad.
You will get rar file. As mentioned above

Harrie singh said...

i hv windows 8 nd ..,
window defends it to run as risky job to pc .,.

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

please add it in it's exclusion list. The file is completely safe.
Windows is defending it because it is a cracked version.

med chai said...

you are boss thank you

Neowell said...

hi admin Ur Tut Work For me But Avast VPN still on trail plz temm me how active avast VPN

Thanks in Advance

Bapijul Sheikh said...

The password (az ask4pc) don't work.I can not open rar file .Please sennd me the password through my Please....

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

@Bapijul Sheikh,
password is: az_ask4pc [not az ask4pc ]

Ashok Kumar Sheram said...

I can't download the photoinstrument 6.2, when I clicked the download button. Then I got this-
It appears that you have aslow internet connectionor anadvert blocking browser extension.
What shuld I have to do, pls help me? I wanna download that software.

mariam94 said...

When i'm trying to install different types of other apps are being downloaded and i cannot reach the real photoinstrument download

Ask4pc (ADMIN) said...

Please see here :
How to Download from ask4pc

nico dela Cruz said...

the application is good but is this a virus? because when I install it in my laptop my anti virus will delete the exe. so i cannot use this application anymore.. i need and i want a clean photoinstrument with full version... i mean to say a application without a virus...

nico dela Cruz said...

thank you very much